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5 Things to Consider Before Teeth Whitening

December 25, 2019

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woman having whitening treatmentOver the years, your smile can show the passing of time as your teeth lose their bright, white appearance. Besides age, there are various factors that influence how fast your teeth change, like genetics, lifestyle habits, and even the foods you eat. Thankfully, you can turn back the hands of time and reveal a beautiful, younger-looking smile with teeth whitening in Chevy Chase. Although the professional treatment can help you get the results you want, here are 5 things to consider before whitening your teeth.

1. Set realistic expectations.

Professional teeth whitening can lighten your smile by as much as 8 shades. Although you can achieve drastic change, teeth whitening isn’t effective for all stains. Intrinsic stains occur within the dentin, which is below your enamel. They result from worn enamel or certain medications, like tetracycline antibiotics. Unfortunately, whitening treatments can’t always remove intrinsic stains. Teeth whitening is most effective on extrinsic stains, which occur on the enamel from external factors, like the foods you eat.

2. Evaluate your lifestyle choices.

If you want your new smile to last, it’s best to evaluate your lifestyle habits to prevent future discoloration, like smoking. Tobacco isn’t just bad for your health, it also increases your risk of several dental issues, like tooth discoloration. It’s best to kick the habit to maintain a radiant smile.

Besides tobacco, there are other factors that can discolor your new smile, like consuming darkly pigmented foods and drinks or not maintaining your oral hygiene. If you can’t skip your morning cup of coffee, be sure to brush your teeth afterward. Committing to an oral hygiene routine will keep your smile white and your teeth healthy.

3. Some people shouldn’t whiten their teeth.

Although teeth whitening treatments are safe when performed by a dental professional, it’s not recommended for everyone. If you have tooth sensitivity, gum disease, or untreated cavities. Your cosmetic dentist in Chevy Chase will conduct an examination to ensure you don’t need any additional treatments before your whitening procedure.

4. Teeth whitening won’t work on restorations.

Unfortunately, fillings, crowns, veneers, and other restorations will be unchanged by whitening treatments. You might need to have your restorations replaced to match your new smile.

5. Teeth whitening isn’t permanent.

Teeth whitening treatments aren’t a permanent solution to keep your smile bright. New stains can develop if you aren’t careful. With the right aftercare, your smile can stay luminous for many years. If your teeth start to show signs of new stains, ask your dentist for a touch-up kit.

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