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Sleep Apnea Treatment - Chevy Chase, MD

Take Back Your Good Night’s Sleep

Did you know that around 12 million Americans today are affected by sleep apnea? This common disorder can wreak havoc on your health and your quality of life over time, which is why intervention from a trusted professional as early as possible is so vital. If you’ve been diagnosed with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), Dr. Ronan Freyne can provide relief in the form of a custom oral appliance! All you have to do is give our Chevy Chase, MD office a call. Our team looks forward to helping you feel warmly welcomed and right at home.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Woman covering her ears in bed next to snoring manObstructive sleep apnea occurs when the patient experiences a physical blockage in their airway as they rest. This is typically caused by a collapse of the soft tissue in their throat. As a result, the brain is deprived of oxygen and must force the patient to awake and correct the problem. Many sleep apnea patients don’t even realize the constant disruption during the course of their sleeping, but this cycle deprives the body and mind of the deep sleep it needs.

Do you experience any of the following symptoms on a regular basis? If so, you may be suffering from sleep apnea:

  • Loud, chronic snoring
  • Gasping, snorting, or choking during sleep
  • Painful headaches and sore throat in the mornings
  • Strong feelings of fatigue during the day
  • Constant trips to the bathroom throughout the night

How Do You Treat Sleep Apnea?

Woman resting on couch with hands behind headTraditionally, a CPAP machine is still the most common form of sleep apnea treatment. While effective, this technique has its problems, though. The bulky machinery and loud noises are difficult for many patients to handle, not to mention how challenging it is to travel with and partners to live with. For this reason, many people prefer to go without the CPAP, leaving them at risk for future systemic problems. Thankfully, oral appliance therapy provides a more convenient and comfortable form of relief for sufferers of mild to moderate sleep apnea. Your “snore guard” is worn comfortably throughout the night, and it’s designed to reposition the jaw and/or tongue so that the airway no longer becomes blocked. This means that you’re able to enjoy quality, uninterrupted sleep once more.